• Parents should support their players: ENCOURAGE, DON'T CRITICIZE.
  • Let the coach do the coaching, and let the referee do the refereeing.
  • Don't shout or yell at the players...it will only distract them.
  • Applaud good play on both sides.
  • Parental critique after a game is a player's biggest fear. Ask your players how they think they played. Don't offer your opinion unless they ask or if you have something positive to say.
  • Make sure players are transported to and from the practice areas and playing fields at the designated times.
  • Make sure that players are appropriately dressed for soccer, have their equipment (ball, shin guards, etc ), drinks and any medications (if required).
  • Questions, concerns, complaints, or suggestions about administrative matters, coaching, or the conduct of games should be discussed with league officials, but not in the presence of players.
  • Never encourage players to commit fouls.
  • Please use the trash cans provided.
  • Parents or spectators behaving inappropriately will be warned and, if necessary, will be sent away by team coaches and/or league officials.




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