Italy* 5 2 2 17 3-2-1
Panthers*# 7 1 2 23 4-1-1
Liverpool* 4 4 1 13 1-3-1
Bayern Munich*# 4 3 3 15 1-3-3
Manchester United 3 4 2 11 1-4-2
Barcelona 0 9 0 0 0-7

*Qualified for playoffs

*#Championship Game

Division rankings are based on the following set of tiebreakers:

  1. Total points

  2. Head-to-head match-up

  3. Record against the top 4 teams in the division

  4. Coin Toss



The following is the schedule for the U-16 division. All games are played on the U-16 field.

Games consist of four 15-minute quarters with a 2 minute water break between quarters 1 and 2 & quarters 3 and 4. The half time break will be 5 minutes in length.  Maximum of 11 players on the field at a time (minimum of eight).

Winning teams are highlighted in red.  A tie is represented by both teams highlighted in green.

Week Date Time Home Away
1 1-7-17 12:30pm Italy Panthers
  2-15-17 6:15pm Bayern Munich Barcelona
  2-15-17 7:30pm Liverpool Manchester United
Week Date Time Home Away
2 1-14-17 12:30pm Bayern Munich Liverpool
    2pm Barcelona Panthers
    3:30pm Italy Manchester United
Week Date Time Home Away
3 1-21-17 12:30pm Barcelona Liverpool
    2pm Italy Bayern Munich
    3:30pm Panthers Manchester United
Week Date Time Home Away
4 1-28-17 12:30pm Manchester United Bayern Munich
    2pm Liverpool Panthers
    3:30pm Barcelona Italy
Week Date Time Home Away
5 2-4-17 12:30pm Manchester United Barcelona
    2pm Panthers Bayern Munich
    3:30pm Liverpool Italy
  2-7-17 7:30pm Bayern Munich Barcelona
  2-8-17 6:15pm Italy Panthers
  2-8-17 7:30pm Liverpool Manchester United
Week Date Time Home Away
6 2-11-17 12:30pm Liverpool Bayern Munich
    2pm Panthers Barcelona
    3:30pm Manchester United Italy
Week Date Time Home Away
7 2-18-17 12:30pm Bayern Munich Italy
    2pm Liverpool Barcelona
    3:30pm Manchester United Panthers
Week Date Time Home Away
8 2-25-17 12:30pm Manchester United Barcelona
PLAYOFFS    2pm Panthers Liverpool
PLAYOFFS    3:30pm Italy Bayern Munich
Week Date Time Home Away
CHAMPIONSHIP 3-4-17 1pm Panthers Bayern Munich




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